Carmen Ventrucci

Founder, True Sisu Life

We’re all in this together.

These are the tools we use to improve your world & make life better for others

  • Choice:

    It’s your business, and you have the privilege of choosing how you want to run it.  As long as your business is legal, ethical, moral, and plausible, it's your choice.  I help business owners realize you have an abundance of choices in your business, and help guide you to the right one for you.

  • Clarity:

    When you’re clear on you, your business, and your customer, things just get easier.  Imagine having so much clarity that it's easy to find more buyers, receive raving reviews, and create a business environment that attracts top talent to you.  

  • Impact:

    You started your businesses to make an impact.  Social, financial, personal impacts.  We use the best business strategy for you so your business can flourish creating the impact you want allowing you to Follow Your Road.

"As a small business owner, I'm always looking for an edge to increase productivity, profitability, and satisfaction.  Our family business, like so many others, had gotten beaten up in many ways by lockdowns and such. 


With all of our experience, creativity and hard work, we weathered it and even had taken some ground in streamlining our operations, marketing and sales. Thinking we had done all we could, we spent less than 1 hour with Carmen's Profit Acceleration process, and it was certainly an eye opener! 


She showed us simple, easy to do, easy to implement refinements that found us well over her $10,000 promise!  Her keen insight and easy plan which we've already put in action is proving to be worth way more than what she promises. 


I highly recommend Carmen no matter what level your business or professional status might be now! Thank you, Carmen!" ~~ Alan Eschenburg, Belegenza Natural Hair Care,

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